See… I have this problem… I tell y’all to go with your gut… & I don’t do it… then i kick myself in the pants later.  
Do as I say & not as I do!
I really wanted to paint this console black when we built it, but I thought that would be too predictable.  But after painting it yellow, living with it for a little while & then being under a crazy cool styling deadline where everything needs to be perfect (more on that announcement very soon!) I repainted this sucker.  And I added some handles.  Now it feels right to me.  Call me crazy.
Shuffling around accessories & adding in my favorite Elizabeth Mayville Print really brought this little vignette together.  Love her.
Isn’t that little box amaze balls?  I picked it up a few weeks ago at a friend’s pop up shop for about $10. Total score.
I also pulled one of these vintage beauties out of storage.  I am slightly obsessed with these chairs & have decided to keep the original striped fabric for now.  I kinda like how it picks up the striped shirt in the print…  Can you believe I got these chairs for FREE!!
I did love the limey yellow that was originally on the console, I just decided it was better suited for the interior of our front door.  Now we really have an entry.  
Overall shots are on there way, but I can’t give away everything quite yet… I am over the moon excited about the news.  Hopefully I won’t spill the beans.