Dream Kitchen Faucet… INSTALLED

So… my hubs… he is a super duper sport when it comes to all of this blog stuff.  He rarely complains, deals with an ever changing home & the messes that come along with all of these projects & luckily for me he tolerates the pink touches I add occasionally.  After nearly two years of blogging, I have never seen him get so excited over the opportunity to review a product.  He may have done a little happy dance (internally mind you) when I shared we were receiving the Zuri Culinary Kitchen Faucet from Pfister. 
We are both foodies.  We love to cook & do it on a regular basis.  Not just your everyday cooking, but using tools like a foamer to create a blue cheese foam for our Buffalo Salmon.  So anything that can aide in our cooking & cleaning is greatly appreciated.  Plus it is absolutely gorgeous!  Being a restaurant guy, my husband has always been attracted to these commercial looking fixtures.  Luckily for me!  
Not only is this faucet great to look at, but it is uber functional.  The added height makes it a dream to fill tall pots or vases.  It also swivels 360 degrees, so if you really need to get it out of the way you can. One of my favorite functions though is all found within the buttons…  Yes, it sprays.  Yes, it has a standard stream.  But this one also pauses!!! You read that right… you can pause mid spray.  Perfect if you need to fill multiple items, or if you want to fill something on the counter.

We are getting closer to our own little (emphasis on little!) gourmet kitchen.
If you are in the market for a new faucet, be sure to check out Pfister & their stylish offerings.
*This was a sponsored post by Pfister. All opinions & pictures are those of the Hunted Interior*