Bar Cart Styling | our newest addition

The truth… I have had bar cart envy for some time.  I never thought our Dining Room was large enough for one… but for some reason, yesterday I tried anyways.  We had an old bar cart from my Father in Law’s estate that I had used previously as my nightstand.  Ever since, it has been chilling out in our crawl space.  Waste!  I pulled out the measuring tape & what do you know… it fits perfectly!
It tucks in perfectly between our fireplace & our built ins & corrals all of our booze & boozy accessories quite well.  (I think)
I also added yet another gallery wall above.  I have always loved the idea of having the walls filled in this space.  Maybe it’s just my inner desire to cover up the nasty orange peel texture!  I personally love my little courage calligraphy I did a few weeks back on a whim… It’s a little wink to the Liquid Form of Courage we all need every now & then.
A few tips for styling a bar cart…
Use a tray! Confining your liquid libations into a tray gives them an organized look.  
Have glasses close at hand.  Whether a low ball, high ball, old fashioned… have a set of glasses within reach.
Add some straws or stirrers in case a guest would like their drink stirred… not shaken.  (I always prefer a straw myself)
The lower shelf can be used for items that aren’t always used, but could be pulled out easily if a party spontaneously erupts.  It happens!  Better to be prepared right?! 
Have an array of drink options… Even if you don’t drink vodka, your guests might.  Having a variety on hand will be greatly appreciated.  I also always keep a few sparkling pink lemonades on hand.  They are a great offering for those wanting a non alcoholic option, plus, they also make a great mixer.  My new favorite cocktail is Sparkling Pink Lemonade + Gin.  We had it at my daughter’s birthday party & I have officially named it the “Hello Kitty”
Hope you all have a great Friday!!