We are loving our new console we built!  Especially since the weather forecast isn’t looking so great for Chloe’s third birthday party this weekend.  Looks like the party is moving inside & this baby just became the dessert buffet!

The top two questions about this piece were about paint!  What is that color?!  & How did you get that smooth finish?!?  First things first… color.  This was Behr Interior/Exterior High Gloss Enamel color matched to Sherwin Williams Hep Green ( SW6704 )
It seemed that nearly every image I pulled as inspiration had this bright limey yellow in it.  So I decided to go for it.  I mean when have I ever shied away from color?! 
Now for that factory finish!!!  I got to use a new tool.  Ya’ll know I love a new tool.  And anything to make painting easier is even better.  The lovely people at HomeRight sent me this baby!
Let me introduce you all to my new best friend, the HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer.  Quite a mouth full I know, but for the job that she does I will call her whatever she wants!  For those of you who are curious, HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure which basically means it produces a high volume of air at a lower pressure.  This is what helps to produce that factory finish.  Now the best thing about this machine is that it requires no air compressor!  It simply plugs in & you are ready to go.  
Ready to laugh?  I made my first ever VLOG! I’m not sure if it’s a legit vlog or not, but I made a little video {emphasis on little } on how easy this sprayer is to use.  No face time this go around, maybe next time!
I do sound a bit like an infomercial, but it really is that easy!!  The instructions provide all the info regarding thinning down your product, whatever it may be… paint, stain, enamel, even oil based products!  & yes, the clean up is really simple as well.
For our console I only used less than one quarter of a quart of paint!  Had I brushed this on I would have used at least half a can, so you are able to get more bang for your buck.  Plus, the dry time is so quick.  Because the layers go on so smooth & thin (but with definite coverage) the paint dries so fast.  I was able to get a coat of primer & four coats of paint on within an hour & a half.  Nuts! 

I can’t wait to paint more pieces & even get brave enough to try an oil based paint as well.  If you have ever considered getting a Sprayer, this one definitely gets my recommendation!

*I was sent this product to review, but all of the opinions are all my own.  This product really is fantastic!