So… I had some grand plans of offering a Tag Sale on the blog for all of my followers… and then I kept thinking about how difficult it is for some of you to comment, how many spam comments I get & all the emails I am shuffling through on a daily basis that I decided to do a Pop Up Tag Sale on Instagram over the weekend.  My Instagram followers are the most vocal (comment wise), it is instant & easy to contact the original person… So please don’t hate.  You haven’t missed out on everything if you are just joining the party!
Some of the items that have sold are…
You can pick your jaws up off the floor now!  I know y’all will think that I am crazy for selling these items, but I just felt it was time they had a new home.  Plus, I have them both in books & magazines if I feel the need to reminisce.  There are some pieces that I don’t think I will ever part with (like my brass trunk from Emily Henderson!) but these two pieces I was completely fine with letting go.
Plus it makes room for new projects right?!?
Some of the larger pieces are local Atlanta pick up only, but there are fabrics & smaller items that are being shipped off to new homes all over the country.
I am adding new pieces all week & even busting into our Storage Unit as soon as the rain goes away.  So be sure to follow along on Instagram (my handle is @hunted_interior) or do a hashtag search for #thitagsale .
I have taken down the items that have been sold to avoid any further heart break or confusion πŸ™‚