Ikea Coffee Table Makeover + Fab Rug Review

So we have been the home of the rotating coffee tables.  Remember these [ Painted Marble + Tufted Ottoman ] ?  Well I loved the idea of the faux marble one, but the size wasn’t right… it was a hand me down.   And the tufted ottoman was just the dumbest mistake I have ever made.  We eat nearly every meal in the living room (hate to admit) so between dinner plates resting on tufts & a two year old constantly spilling her milk IN THE TUFTS! The thing was pretty much trashed immediately.  So I went to my inspiration boards…
All of the tables I liked were some version of this:  Gold Base with either a marble, glass or mirror top… but goodness… none of them are at all affordable.  This is one of the better priced versions at $899.
I had been keeping an eye out at the local thrift stores & after some close leads on Craigslist I finally found something that worked perfectly or our space!! Good news for me… I found it unassembled & brand new at the local Goodwill… even better for you, it’s from Ikea!  So you can duplicate the look too.  Bonus!
So remember a few months ago how everyone was turning their Vittsjo Shelving units Gold!  Brilliant! They looked amazing & totally way more expensive than they really were.  I loved them but had no room for shelves.  Enter my fortuitous trip to Goodwill when I saw the Vittsjo box, but with the nesting coffee table inside.  I thought, hey… this could work!
VITTSJΓ– Nesting tables, set of 2 IKEA The table tops in tempered glass are stain resistant and easy to clean.
You see where I am going?!  A quick coat of Rustoleum’s Metallic Gold Spray Paint & a little of my faux marble treatment & we have a brand new coffee table!  This one is crazy easy to clean & the bottom shelf allows me to keep it a little styled which has always been impossible in our home.
I love how bright & airy the space is starting to feel thanks to a new coat of white paint & despite the huge brown sofa.

Also, this hack would work really well with just painting the bottom glossy white, adding a sheet of mirror, the options are limitless!

Have you also noticed my killer new rug!! I am in L.O.V.E!!! Getting rid of the old brown rug has made a huge difference in this space.  Knowing that I wanted some sort of natural fiber rug with lots of texture I finally selected this beauty from GoldenAgeUSA [ link here ].  I know I have introduced you all to GoldenAgeUSA before, and while they are a fabulous Lighting Source… they have some killer rugs too!  This one has tons of variations in tones which will be very forgiving & because it is 100% Jute it is really soft.  The thick woven braids are almost like a little massage on your feet.  So good.

So between the newly painted walls, the gold Ikea coffee table & my gorgeous new jute rug from GoldenAgeUSA the room is starting to feel light & bright!  Finally!
* The rug was provided via GoldenAgeUSA, however the opinions are 100% mine… It really does rock! *