Console DIY + $250 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway

A few weeks ago I accepted a challenge.  I accepted the #BountyChallenge .  Bounty Challenge? Yes, the Bounty Paper Towels we all know & love proposed a task to myself & a few other bloggers to create a mess & clean it up with their paper towels.  Quite honestly, there is always a mess at our home so this was an easy decision to make.
As we had just sold our Green Dresser, I knew I wanted a console in its place.  However, the console I wanted only came in a desk size.  Too big for our location.  So what’s a girl to do?!  Build her own using the Jacqui Desk from Bungalow5 as my inspiration:
Luckily my friend Rayan over at The Design Confidential already had a step by step plan worked out.  After a little modification to achieve the exact size we needed, we followed her plan & materials list to the T! 
We built our table out of MDF.  And if you have ever worked with MDF before, you know that once you have a cut edge, the exposed edge stays a little fuzzy, even after sanding.  Here is a trick on how to achieve a smooth finish… All you have to do is spread on a thin layer of either Dry Wall Spackle or Joint Compound.  Once that is dry you simply sand that down to a smooth surface.  That way the edge is sealed & ready to add your finish without absorbing all of the paint!
But for anyone who has ever sanded Spackle before, you know what a powdery mess it leaves.  Not good for trying to achieve a smooth painted finish.  My favorite fix for this is to brush as much of the powder off as possible with a dry Bounty Paper Towel & then finish with a lightly dampened one to pick up all of the extra pieces.  (Emphasis on “lightly” dampened!)
Now I was fully expecting to have a huge mess for the Bounty Paper Towels to clean after painting… but I had next to no mess thanks to my new paint sprayer.  (Click here to read/see all about the paint sprayer goodness!)  But if you are painting & end up with more paint on everything except your piece, here is a quick video showing how Bounty does the job at cleaning up a paint filled mess.

Ready to see our new console!?

While it has a few wonky places on it… mostly because our sander bit the dust mid project & I had to do the rest by hand, I am very pleased with the results!  Plus the price tag doesn’t hurt either.  We completed the project for around $50.  For that price, I went crazy bold with the color! I figured I could always paint it again.
Now is your chance to take on the #BountyChallenge yourself!  Proctor & Gamble & The Home Depot have paired up to send you 2 Rolls of Bounty Paper Towels & a $250 Home Depot Gift Card so you can create your own mess! (& clean it up of course!)  Pretty fun right?!?
Simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below to enter.  (If you do not see the Rafflecopter, you might try another browser.)