We were recently gifted a large haul of amazing antique furniture.  Like shut your mouth amazing!  So I have been switching around some of our, well, not so amazing furniture to make room for the upgrades.  It was perfect timing as I was purging all of my hoard for the Room Service project.  So a few things had to go! 

Our hallway was the easiest place to start… I know, I liked it too.  It even ended up it Kelly Edwards “The Design Cookbook” next to a project by the amazing Tobi Fairley!  But the mirror was needed at the room, the garden stool doesn’t really live there & the ladder had been knocked over one too many times by the Tasmanian devil, I mean my daughter.
So in it’s place, I placed a vintage brass quilt rack to house our extra towels.  And I filled the walls with two large frames filled with the ever popular spotted fabric.  I had a yard leftover from the room’s new headboard & thought these would make a really great graphic statement in our little space.   Y’all know how I love to mix a print!  Plus, ever since I saw this space in Lonny Mag I have been wanting to duplicate the look somewhere…

I think the hall was the perfect place for this in our home…
The large scale of the framed fabric actually makes the space feel larger & is a great solution for the wallet as well.  You’d be hard pressed to find art of that size for $7… just sayin.
Now here is the bad news… Everyone is looking for this fabric & I fear it may be discontinued as it has been sold out everywhere.  I got the last few yards from Fabric.com on clearance… not a good sign for it’s return. But if you want to keep an eye out for it, it is Premiere Prints Togo.  
The fabulous Brittany from Brittany Makes has shared her favorite spotted fabrics for all less than $20 a yard, maybe one of these would work for your upcoming spotted project!
Leave a comment below if you have found it anywhere!