Spotted Headboard, Florals & oh the Bedding

This bedding combination might just be my favorite thing in the room.  Who said that playful can’t be sophisticated too?! As I have mentioned before, I got a few yards of the Spotted Premiere Prints Togo fabric on Clearance a few months back.  I decided to hold onto it until the right project came up.  & this seemed to be it.
Since there was no budget for this project, not like the sky’s the limit but like no funds to use, I went through my scrap material & found a large enough piece of MDF, extra foam & batting plus the fabric.  So voila… I was officially making a headboard… I’d done it before, so I could do it again!
I made this headboard exactly like our headboard in the Master Bedroom minus the nailhead trim.  I simply cut out my shape, layered on the foam & batting & stapled the heck out of the fabric pulling it tight in every direction.  Since it was a twin & there were no time consuming nailheads to line up & nail in, this went much faster than the last.  It was done within an hour.  
One of the biggest question asked about our last headboard was “how did you attach it?!”  Well, this one was so much easier because we had a wall to mount it on.  This time I used a French Cleat from Home Depot.
OOK Hangman 200 lb. French Cleat Picture Hanger with Wall Dog Mounting Screws (13-Pack)
It is as simple as screwing one bar into the wall & another into the back of the headboard.  After they are attached you simply hook the headboard onto the wall.  Done.
Now it was time to dress the bed.  That’s the fun part for me!  The gorgeous Duvet Cover & Sham were donated by the uber talented Jill Sorenson of LiveLikeYou & Marmalade Interiors.  She is one of those fearless designers that I aspire to be.  After launching her line of products I was immediately smitten.  Always having them in the back of my mind, I approached Jill about the RSA project & she sent over her Bang Bang Twin Duvet Cover & Sham in Turquoise.  And might I add… they are even more beautiful in person!  (& soft!!) 
The great thing about this project was the amount of people that contacted me personally to provide their own goods.  That is how I came to know Kimber from The House of Pemberley.  She provided the throw pillow that has become my number one obsession & has made multiple appearances on the blog this past month!  I still get questions, so here goes… This is the Orangerie Pattern from Designers Guild & it is everything.  As Razchel Zoe would say… I Die.
I’ll be the first to admit that there are a lot of colors going on in this space, but once I brought in the Orangerie Pillow it all just made sense.
Luckily, through your generous monetary donations, I was able to finish the bed with the sheeting, skirt, bedframe & was thrilled when a friend donated the mattress & boxspring.  Y’all rock!
The little Mongolian Fur Stools I made from $5 Ikea chairs also float around the room.  They are small enough to move where needed.
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams provided the killer brass task lamp.  I love the unexpected touch of a task lamp as a night stand light.  It sat atop of my little red nightstand I created.  My painting partner in crime was able to get a Carrara Marble Tile that I simply added to the top.  It really finished the piece off.  Who’d believe that was just a piece of junk from my basement.
That little “Odds & Ends” box is just about the cutest thing ever.  I couldn’t find a link to it, but it is from Target.  I found it close to the Party Section… not the Home-goods Area.
The other nightstand started out looking like this…
Sexy right?!  We found this beauty on the side of the road & while I loved the hunter green pleated shade covered in dust & the faux wood look, I decided it would look much better cleaned up a bit.  Amazing what a little white paint & a new shade will do!
Plus, it was the perfect height to sit between the bed & my Contrast Welt Chair.  
Tomorrow we are talking Kitchen…& that striped fridge!!