Room Service Atlanta Room Reveal

Well, the time has come & my Room Service Atlanta room is finally DONE!  Working on this room has been extremely rewarding (& exhausting!)  Literally every item in this room has either been donated, modified from our hoard personal collection, or diy’ed in some form or function.  It’s been a very long, project filled month.
As a visual “ugh” reminder… this is the paneling hell we started with.  Lovely, right?!?

Scratched paneling, off white trim, bad fluorescent lighting  & that old cafeteria floor… Now I am sure that the ladies who have lived in these walls have appreciated the room, but we could do better than this.
I tried to add some life into the space & some definite personality. I went for Fun & Fearless with a Kate Spade flair.  I mean who wouldn’t want to live in one of those amazing boutiques in their late teens & early twenties?  I know I still would.
So I went for it.  Like REALLY went for it!  Here is the overall tour of the new & improved glammed up space.  I will be sharing all the sources, tutorials & gracious thank yous to all who participated throughout the week, so stay tuned & enjoy the room.  I know I did!
Want to move in?!  Yeah, me too.
None of this would have been possible without the beyond generous donations from the following (so show them some love!):
Follow these links for specific details, sources & vendors for all of the items in the space: