It’s fun to have a local client who entrusts me to do a little DIY project for their home too, so when it came time to choose some dining chairs I threw out the idea to buy some old, non matching, thrifted chairs & paint them all in my favorite Kelly Green.  This would not only give the homeowner a custom look but would also be much more cost effective then buying three new matching chairs.
Of course, when you are looking for something at a thrift/antique store you can never find it.  Why must that always be the case?!?  It took a little longer than anticipated to find three well built chairs with the right lines, but I finally did!  They all have great lines & balance each other out.   

They definitely needed some TLC though… My initial plan was to brush them, until I bought the center one with all the spindles.  So out came the spray.  First, a good solid coat of primer & a quick sand with a fine grade paper.
Already so much better.  After the primer was dried & sanded I gave them a few coats of Rustoleum’s Meadow Green (the same as my HGTV Magazine dresser…I can all it that now right?!?)  I then sealed them with a spray polyurethane for durability.
Now these lovely ladies have some attitude!  I can’t wait to see them once paired with the Acradia Extension Table from World Market
It really is going to be lovely!  Can’t wait to get them delivered this weekend.