Going into this space originally I knew one thing, there would be a major Gallery Wall as the focus in the space.  Now the difficult part of pulling a Gallery Wall together when you have no clue who is moving in is you can’t make anything personal… So I simply grouped as many lovely things as I could get my hands on & went for it.  A la Kate Spade.  
I have had this in my inspiration files for years so it has been fun to reinvent the look for this space.
Kate Spade
I knew I wanted to have fun with the Art in this space too.  Remembering that this room will house young ladies who are around 17-22 transitioning from Foster Care to Independent Living I needed this space to be Happy & Uplifting.  And since we are in the South, what more appropriate way to welcome the new young lady & her guests to the space by a very Southern “Hey Y’all” print.  Everyone that has walked into this space instantly gets a smile on their face upon being greeted by this charming Gold Foil Print by Stephanie Creekmur.  Love it!!
I was thrilled when Stephanie agreed to donate one of these prints for the room.  This was exactly the tone I was going for!
Gold Foil Southern Sayings: 11 x 14 Hey Y'all Gold Foil Print - Sweet Southern Charm Wall Art
Luckily for the space (because it would have been a sad gallery wall otherwise!) Every single piece was donated.  If not by the Artist themselves, than by my artsy friend who let me raid her collection & of course the assistance of Shutterfly who printed numerous items for the space (as well as those crazy cute plates & cups I shared yesterday.)  This truly allowed for the eclectic gathered feel I was trying to evoke.
Knowing I wanted a mix of items, I approached a few of my favorite Artists on Etsy to share a print for the room.  The Top Knot print on the far left is one of my favorite pieces… well ever…  Something that I will be adding to my own personal collection as well.  The series is done by artist Elizabeth Mayville & I am simply smitten with the elegance & thoughtfulness that come across in these Giclee Prints.  Not to mention, my hair looked like that every day I was completing this project πŸ™‚
hair art - bun print - "Top Knot 19" giclee print
I adore a little modern art.  I needed a lot of color. So of course I went to the talented Heidi Carlsen-Rogers.  All of her pieces are exploding with organic shapes in the happiest of hues.  The red, pink & turquoise combination seemed like it was literally made for this room.
Plus, Heidi is currently donating 10% of any art purchase to the relief efforts in Oklahoma.
Modern Botanical-Modern Art Pint-Fine Art Print -8x10-Contemporary--Orange Red-Fuschia-Lilac-Pink-Minimalist
Allie contacted me after my first post about Room Service Atlanta & literally offered up her entire Etsy Shop.  I was completely moved.  I saw this original work on canvas & thought it would be a great “Positive” addition to the install.  Get it… Positive!
The next piece was one from my friend’s collection… but I knew there would be questions about this beautiful fashion illustration.  This is a work by one of my favorites, Leigh Viner.  It added the perfect touch of feminine charm & sophistication.
About A Pearl - Fashion Illustration Art Print
While not a true addition to the Gallery Wall, the Chandelier does get reflected back into the space thanks to the strategically placed oval mirror.  
I knew I needed more light in the space, so by placing the mirror above the headboard it catches the light of both the Chandelier & the kitchen pendant as you walk throughout the small space.

And it wouldn’t be a Kate Spade inspired space without the Ampersand Print… They would make a killing if they ever decided to sell those!

Kate Spade

I’ll be sharing how I created my own Ampersand Canvas & more details on how to create, arrange & install a gallery wall like this over at Shutterfly very soon!

Thanks again to all the artists for helping make this space beautiful!!