If you have read my little corner of the web for some time, you know that I am not a fan of brown.  That being said, for some reason when we were furnishing our house 6 years ago I went brown crazy.  It was my first time living with a boy (the hubs) & kinda thought brown was the safe choice to make him happy too.  Brown sofa with the matching chaise (still banging my head about that one!), brown rug, brown drapes I even painted our dining room brown.  
Slowly by surely the brown is disappearing.  While the brown sofa will remain for a while, I think once some of the other elements are changed, the brown sofa might actually grow on me… This change will not be an overhaul, just a little freshening up… Here is what I am thinking:
The main change will be the rug…  I have been looking for a jute rug for a while now, and I am thinking something like this hand knotted one will be just the right one.  We are also swapping out our coffee table, again.  Our upholstered ottoman/cocktail table just doesn’t work for our family, so I have already started a project with the table above as the inspiration.  To help bring the space to life, we will be adding some brightly covered pillows to join the menagerie of black & white pillows we already have.  If you are looking for an easy update… pillows are it!  There is also some artwork happening inspired by those killer Acrylic Prints I saw at the Antique store a few weeks ago thanks to a very sweet friend!  I cannot get them off my mind!  Mine however will not be $899! And lastly, I have an idea for some sconces... we’ll see if that one pans out or not.
All of this will start happening after this next week… Room Service Atlanta is being INSTALLED!!!  Finally!!  This will be the last sneak peek people.
(Fun right?!?) Happy Monday!!