Updating a Thrift Store Pendant (that may be in your house!)

I have so many projects going on in the Room Service Atlanta room that I am relying on a few tried & tested tutorials to ensure the results are worth the effort in the end.  There really isn’t any time (or budget) for too many experimental projects… But this next update was worth the experiment since it took all of 15 minutes (including disassemble, painting, drying, reassemble!) & it was only $7.97.  I’d call that a deal.
I found this ever classic, late 80’s-90’s Shiny Brass Foyer Light at Goodwill.  
We all have either had one in our home, still have one in our home, or know someone who has… am I right?!  I liked the scale of this one though. It felt a little more lantern in proportion & shape than some of the other relatives of it’s time.  I initially thought paint it.  But then I got lazy & thought about taping the darn thing off… & I let it sit around for a few days.  The shiny brass began to grow on me & then I had a crazy idea.  Bonus, if it didn’t work, I could easily go back to the original plan.
I simply removed the candle sleeve covers & candelabra bulbs & gave the sleeves a coat of pink spray paint.  Let them dry & put them back into place.  I added round bulbs to add a more modern touch… plus we already had them on hand.  & done.
To add just another element of fun (this room is for a young lady) I decided to take a cue from my girl Rayan from The Design Confidential & add pink duct tape around the cord. Once it was woven back through the chain it definitely gave this light fixture the update I was looking for.

This fixture will be going up in the kitchen.  A serious upgrade from the existing boob light.  Plus, it will coordinate really well with the cabinets I have going on… more on those shortly!

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