Patio Sources: Shop my Space!

Thank you for all the sweet comments about our Patio Makeover for Home Depot!! We love the space & are anxiously awaiting the pollen to be done with so we can finally enjoy the space.  Thank goodness I got these pictures in right before the yellow powder fell!
Today I am going to be sharing all the sources for the items that were included in our makeover.  The main items that EVERYONE is emailing & commenting about… the PILLOWS we put on our new Sectional!!  Ya’ll know I never shy away from a pattern mix & I’ll always include some black & white somewhere.  I had a great time mixing and matching all of these prints.  It sort of became a so wrong it’s right situation for me.  The glue was the multi colored Trina Turk.  I have had an infatuation with that print for a few years.  It was so nice to finally be able to incorporate it.
This pillow is not in her shop at the moment but if you would like one custom made please contact Agnes              at
3 | Rose Scallop by Target $19.98 for a Set of 2!! (Sold individually in store)

Like any other space, I am a believer that if you splurge a little on one item, you hold back a little on another.  The Trina Turk pillows were a splurge for sure! But they were the inspiration fabric, so I countered them with the Target pillows & a few existing ones.  
The pink & black check & the black & white striped were fabric remnants I found at Forsyth Fabric here in Atlanta.  I got out of the store for about $3.97 I think… Not too shabby for two new pillows!
For the inserts, I used some of my old pillows from last year & the pillows that came with the sectional.  The burgundy & gold pattern wasn’t really my style so I just covered them up with something that was.
The Gold Garden Stool came for World Market & is no longer available online… If you hurry to your local store you might get lucky.  I think all the Style Challenge Blogger’s bought them up.  I know a few of us all used them!
And the little metal side table was a Homegoods find for only $19.99!!!  I seriously walked past it three times thinking how perfect it would be before looking at the price.  Once I did, I scooped that thing up & may or may not have taken my child out of the cart to accommodate the table.
The Stump Table was an easy DIY I recently shared over at The Handmade Home.  And the Starburst Mirror was also a Homegoods find…
I found the Lantern on eBay for $12 & gave it a new coat of Rustoleum Safety Red.  Wanna know a secret… It is hanging by zipties for the shot… we didn’t have time to secure it or hardwire it before the shoot. That will be happening very soon though πŸ™‚
I will be sharing the flooring tutorial very soon for anyone who is interested… And maybe a pergola post.  It made a big difference!
Everything else were items we already had on hand… If you have any other questions about the items please feel free to ask!  I’ll share if I can remember!