So a few months ago, HGTV Magazine contacted me about my green spray painted, found on the side of the road chest of drawers & wanted to include it in their “WOW! What Color is That?” feature.  
I immediately said “YES!” Luckily the response was via email so they couldn’t see me doing cartwheels through the kitchen while responding.  I still can’t believe all the attention this crazy piece of furniture has received.
I have been patiently waiting for the issue to come out so I could share the news.  I even got so excited that I had convinced myself it was in the April issue & was completely heart broken when it wasn’t in there.  Luckily, I went back through my emails & realized I was a month early.  Oops.
So it is now official.  I am in the May 2013 issue!!!
p.52 to be exact… 
& my lucky husband who avoided pics for the DIY shoot managed to be Photoshop’d out of this one too!  Trust me, he will not be upset by this.
It’s been a BIG week for me.  Being published in a book earlier this week & now this!?!?  And there is still more to come.  I couldn’t be more excited about what I do & thankful to all of you for following my craziness along the way.