DIY Mongolian Lambswool Stool: An Ikea Hack

Phew… this was a whirlwind weekend.  My mom was in town, so I enlisted her to help with some of the Room Service Atlanta projects & we definitely made some progress.  We made an Ikea run for something & came home with nothing on the list.  Does that happen to anyone else?!  But luckily, I snagged 2 of these $5.99 Marius Stools knowing that they could be transformed into something.  Once I hit enter on a Marius Hack search I knew what I was making…
This relatively simple hack was inspired by Preciously Me & her pink version.  Head on over to her site for the full how to using the Ikea Stool, a Pillow Cover, wood, foam & batting. 
I wanted a round seat, but the only Mongolian Lambswool Pillow Covers I could find were only 12×12… Exactly the size I need, with no room for error.  So I decided to play it safe & make a square top.  I think it still works.  
{ fyi… I found my pillow covers on clearance at Pier 1 }
And what an appropriate project to share that I am in a book about upholstery!  I know I made the announcement a few weeks ago, but a real life hardcover book with my chair, my images & my quote is now in my hands.  It is a little surreal.
The UK Edition is called Contemporary Upholstery which is available in Hard & Paper Back.  The US Edition is called Styled Stitched Stapled & is available in Paperback only.  It is available for pre-order now & will be released in a few weeks.
It really is a great resource for anyone thinking about tackling any upholstery projects.  It breaks down the tools you’ll need…
, basic to advanced skills…
 & real life examples… like MINE!
Hope you all are having a great week!