Another project for the patio complete! And this is also something that will be used indoors too.  I figured I’d share this super easy project with ya’ll even though I can’t show you it’s final resting place yet 🙂  
I shared this pic via Instagram last week mid paint drying.  I told ya I was feeling pink this year!
This project couldn’t have been easier & I completed it with materials I had lying around the house.  You know how I love to do that!!  Here are the materials you need to create your own Glossy Tray.

I had the bamboo tray sitting in a closet.  It’s yellow undertones never went with anything so I figured I’d give it an update & a chance to sit in the sun for awhile.  I gave it a few coats of Plaid Acrylic Paint in Strawberry.  I liked using the Acrylic Paint as it dries super quick.  Once all my coats were dry I added two coats of Minwax High Build Polyurethane.  This is an oil based product so I recommend doing it outdoors… not inside while the kiddo is taking a nap like me.  
After the first coat dried (a few hours) a gave it a quick sand with a fine grade steel wool & coated it again.  Once dry, it has a great mirror like finish with little to no brush marks.
I could have used a spray paint, but the uber gloss isn’t there, & I couldn’t find the right pink.  Pinks are tough in spray form…
Loving my little lotus bowl too.  Another Goodwill find.  They were sneaky though… the bowl separates into two pieces & obviously go together, so what did they do?  Price each of them individually!  But at $4 all in I couldn’t really complain.  Could I?  Nah…
Can’t wait to share all the deck projects with you.  It’s really starting to come together.  Even in the snowy weather we had this weekend.  Here is the list of the other talented bloggers participating this time around.  Love this crew!
Graphic showing designers contributing patio decorating ideas to Home Depot's Patio Style Challege
Happy Monday!
xo- K