Design Worthy: Room Service Atlanta

As a designer a dream project would be something that you can completely take over with unlimited creativity, no one telling you no & an unlimited budget.  Well, two out of three ain’t bad!  I am thrilled, humbled & honored to have been selected to participate with the amazing Non Profit Organization Room Service Atlanta.  
Room Service Atlanta
Headed up by the crazy talented (& even nicer if you can believe that) Erica Ward & Dayka Robinson.  Room Service Atlanta teams up local Atlanta Designers and the United Methodist Children’s Home.  The UMCH offers programs suited towards children, teens & families in North Georgia.  They focus on Foster Care, Adoption & Independent Living to name a few.  Each designer takes on an Independent Living dorm & the reigns are taken off.  We can each do whatever we want to better our space.  And these aren’t just coats of paint people… these room transformations are absolutely incredible!  It ends up looking like a show house in the end.  If you have a minute, watch this video to see last years home.  It is unreal.

So when they asked me to participate I literally jumped at the opportunity & then quickly realized the magnitude of the task at hand once I stepped into the space…

There will be a lot of work.  A lot of paint.  And A LOT of creativity needed here!!

While I can do anything my little designer heart desires, I have zero budget to accomplish this.  So I will be relying on my mad DIY skills to transform some pieces I have hoarded collected over the years & some generous donations to complete this project.

So far, I have pulled together my scrap fabrics & am leaning towards this color scheme.  It’s fun, young & a little glam.

I’ll keep you updated on all the projects (there will be a lot!) & all the updates!  
If you would like to help Room Service Atlanta please click here for info.
If you’d like to make a monetary donation to help my room I have set up a PayPal Donate Button on the right sidebar.  Please know that any amount donated will be directly applied to the room with any remaining funds passed along to Room Service Atlanta.
If you have any goods you would like to donate, please forward your information to
Thanks for all of your help with this!  These young adults will greatly appreciate it!!!


btw… Big Thanks to Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality for featuring our house today!  ( She is participating in the Room Service Atlanta project too! )  Also, she shared some news for all of you Haven attendees… I am going to be a speaker this year!!  Can’t wait to see everyone there.