You all know by now that I am feverishly working on our Patio for the Home Depot Style Challenge.  I had a nice organized little list of things that needed to be done, and then I swiftly picked up a paint brush & attacked our doors even though there was no talk of any makeovers on their part & even though it was only 40 degrees outside.
Why?  Because I have loads of free time on my hands you might say?!?  Negative.  I had NO time to start this project, but in the end I am thrilled that I did.  I didn’t even take before shots because I didn’t think there would be that big of a difference.  Boy was I wrong.  So let’s reference some old shots shall we?
They are already black right?!  Well, when I painted the doors black a few years back I apparently had on my lazy pants (you have those right?) & decided I liked the look of the black doors with the white trim.  Really I just talked myself into that as to not have to paint the mullions.  I told ya.  Lazy Pants.
So after the painting bug hit me a few days ago I just went for it.
I used Rustoleum’s Door Paint in Black… Now here’s the lowdown on this product.  It’s got some negative reviews, but this is the second time I have used it & I am a FAN!  Our doors have Metal, Wood & Plastic components & it works well on all of them.  The plastic parts did need a second coat, but I rarely go into any project with the expectation there will be only one coat.  It dries in a timely manner with little to no brush marks & has a nice satin finish.  Plus, a little goes a long way.
And when it came to the mullions, I used this trick from Diane over at In My Own Style…  Genius!
How to paint window trim
I still had to use a razor blade to get a few paint streaks off the windows, but nothing like in the past.  
Such a time saver!  Thanks DIANE!
I also decided to paint the wood trim around the doors too.  Which also involved painting the housing for our magnetic screen doors too…  I think painting the trim gave the doors a chic look & made more of a statement.  It completely dressed up the patio & is helping to take it to the next level.

I wish I could share more photos, but there is no way to without giving away more of the deck progress!
Much better right?!?  I think so, & I suppose that is all that matters.