Unknowingly, I have been collecting images of Blue & White Ware for a very long time.  Apparently I am just drawn to it.  Do you have anything like that?  It’s classic appeal is probably what draws me in, but when paired with bright pink florals or other punchy hues it takes on a whole new level of chic.
I am slightly obsessed with this room designed by Parker Kennedy for the Cathedral Antiques Show & Tour of Homes in Atlanta.  (Still open through tomorrow Sunday Feb. 10th)  The pattern of the drapery panels is reminescent of the classic urns & vases.  Hits of pink make this a playful space while still remaining adult.  The use of Blue & White ware throughout the entire space keeps the eye moving throughout the room.
And now I want a blue sofa… don’t you?!?
Home & Design by Suzanne Dima
Simple in color does not mean boring.  The addition of the rug reinforces the vases classic appeal.  The addition of black always makes a statement.  (Every room should have a touch of black I think…)
Essex & kelly green black and white floor
Grant K. Gibson
Grouping the jars & vases together add a traditional layer to this eclectic dining room.  Modern meets Traditional in this space & it all works.  Adding in traditional elements to a modern space (& vice versa) makes the space feel collected & livable.  This is the image that has inspired my collection!
flowers in small vases
simon kenny photographer via canadian house & home
This stunning coffee table styling is taken to the next level with the fresh addition of the blue & white and again… pink.  If something works?  Why mess with it?!?
Cape Cod Collegiate
via cape cod collegiate
A more traditional display of the porcelain vases is made current by the bold lines & upholstery on the fabulous chair.  And of course a garden stool… another must have in my book.
books under entry table
Layer Layer LAYER!  The grouping of the blue & white pitcher with the cobalt blue candle & the turquoise foo dog create a little color story all their own.  Paired with black & white… well you know I am sold.
pink peonies, peach stock, orange spray roses and red ranunculus.
I mean!  Just gorgeous.  And they have me craving spring something fierce.
Blue & White Urn // Giant Brass Wishbone // Brass Trunk
And thus my love affair continues.  My little blue & white ginger jar has a tiny little friend now… so we are moving towards that mass grouping.  I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.
Happy Saturday!!