In working through some ideas for our new outdoor space I knew I needed to update some of our terracotta pots.  Some are new, some are really old & worn (which I love) so when I saw the image below (found on Gardenista) I knew I could create a cohesive look with all of our random pots.

To achieve this look all you need are a few items:
Terracotta Pots
Gold or Silver Leaf
Size (the glue to adhere the Metallic Leaf)
Spray Sealer for Metallic Leaf
All of the leafing items are all in the same section of the craft store & easy to find.  Normally I wold say simply follow the instructions however you will be instantly frustrated as I was.  The terracotta pots are so porous they absorb the size immediately completely undermining the instructions to wait 45 minutes for the size to become tacky.  It will be dry almost immediately after brushing.  
So to solve this issue, I would brush a leaf length of glue at a time & immediately adhere the leaf.  Simply continue around the entire edge.  Until you are complete.  Just try not to brush the glue over the existing leaf as it will dull the shine.
(I would have taken step by step photos, but since there was no time to waste I had to get that leafing on that pot!)
I kept mine really haphazard fully anticipating some of it to wear off in the elements.  I think that will completely add to the unexpected beauty of these, well, beauties.  
After they were all gilded, I simply coated them in some of the spray sealer.  Wanting to retain some of the natural patina on the worn pots, I avoided spraying the bottoms as the sealer will “clean” up the look.
I can’t wait to get some plants in these!!  All we need is some WARM weather.  I am not a cold weather gal.  Just sayin.