First off, how is it already February?!?  This week has completely gotten away from me.  Chloe is in a big “Mom DON’T Work” phase & throws fits every time I sit down at the computer.  Which is super awesome & allows me to be really productive.  {enter sarcastic tone}  Plus, the hubs had a few extra days off which  was extremely fortunate because our Water Heater blew.  So there was two days of A DIY disassemble & install of a $$$ new one.  It’s one of those investments that was not fun buying, but we surely appreciate the hot water.  Cold showers are no bueno!  
But after that was done he had one more day off & we tackled all kinds of projects!  He was in the attic most of the day rewiring a few things because the wiring in our 60+ year old gem of a house are like a spiderweb of surprises.  Usually not the “woo hoo” kid of surprise either, more of the “Uh Oh” variety.  But his hardwork paid off because the spaceships are gone!  No, I haven’t completely lost it.  That is my term of um endearment?  for the horrid light fixtures that have graced our kitchen ceiling for the past SIX years!  SIX!!!
I have been researching & looking & praying for a decent looking & affordable flush mount to hit the market. Apparently those are two things that don’t exist together.  And it has to be a flush mount fixture in our kitchen.  Hence the reason those things have stayed for so long.
I fell in love with these fixtures…  I loved the substantial metal frame but not the substantial $335 price tag (& that’s on sale!) 
design via Zoldan Interiors
I also really liked these… But the color was wrong & at $272  I still wasn’t thrilled.

Well all I can say is that patience & persistence are completely worth the effort because I found these at my favorite store… Home Depot for $45!!!  At that price I wasn’t scared to tackle a little paint project to make it what I really wanted.

I originally tried a little Gold Rub’N’Buff, but I wasn’t thrilled with the color.  So then I sprayed over them with some of my Design Masters 24 KT Pure Gold Spray Paint.  The Rub’N’Buff underneath gave it a vintage-y (yes that’s a word) feel.
I am so happy with how they look in our kitchen.  Much better.
I also have a dirty little secret about our Goodwill Pendant… 
(It’s never worked!)  WHAT?!?! It’s true.  We got the idea & hung it up without wiring it right before our Do It Yourself Photo Shoot.  It even had a bulb in it to make it look real… but it was just a prop.  We always intended to wire it, but the Holidays & other projects got in the way.  But now it REALLY WORKS!!  It is really nice to have that extra layer of light in the kitchen. 
While the hubs was being Handy Hubs, I was busy working on the next BIG project.  If you follow on Instagram you’ve seen a few shots & sneak peaks along the way.  I am feeling giddy with excitement about it.
Happy Thursday!