As I have teased about a few times, there are some pretty big announcements coming up in the next few months around here.  I figured I’d let you in on a few today.  I am still in disbelief over the moon excited to announce my work is going to be in not one, but TWO Books this Spring!  And both are already available for pre-order.
The first is by the crazy talented Kelly Edwards.  You may know her from her hosting gigs on HGTV’s “Design on a Dime” or the Style Network’s “My Awesome Room” with Thom Filicia. She has compiled over 100 design ideas by herself & other designers (a few you are sure to recognize I’m sure!) into “The Design Cookbook: Recipes for a Stylish Home”.  They are all laid out in the relateable form of a cookbook.  These are the ingredients you will need to create this space or idea. 
I’ll save the news about which projects (yes I said Projects!) are included when I receive my copy.  Want to pre-order yours?  Follow this Link <<<<
The second has been in the works for sometime & was technically my first offer to be published.  It comes from Author & Upholster Hannah Stanton from the United Kingdom.  Her book, Style Stitch Staple, breaks down the skills needed for any basic upholstering project.  A few real life case studies are being included, such as my first upholstery project ever, the Bergere Chair
This book is also available for pre-order here <<<<<
& that is just some of the news my lovely readers.  Stay tuned for more announcements!