As a designer, I work on other people’s homes all the time & am happy to use color on client’s rooms.  But when it comes to my own home, I would be thrilled if every wall was white.  Call me crazy.  
beautiful contrast
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Here is my logic.  I work with colors & patterns on a daily basis, so after staring at fabrics & paint swatches all day it is a nice relief to walk into & work within a white space.  
Also, my client’s all seem to go in the same direction at the same time.  It’s quite funny actually.  I’ll get the same image set to me by four different people saying this is the space I love!  Which is great!  I am thrilled to pull items that are inspired by their dream room & I love to make them happy, but after pulling four spaces based on the same color pallet, I tire of it quickly for my own home.
The beauty of white walls, is you can add pops of color & pattern & easily switch them out as tastes & trends change.
tv console
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loving this pink + orange combo, very fresh for summer!
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gorgeous colour but incredibly sophisticated. yay.
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Hudson Boston- obsessed!!
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white desk, gilded screen
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love this mix of color and pattern.
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two coral sofas
via Atlanta Homes Mag
love this room and that velvet pillow
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In my opinion, white isn’t boring, it’s a blank canvas that allows the room transform into whatever you desire.   Plus, I loathe painting walls.  So anything that will work with my crazy design whims is a plus!
What do ya’ll think?!?  What is your go to color?