I headed out yesterday for a few minutes of “ME” time while Pop Pop (my dad) watched the littles.  I decided to make my weekly trip to Goodwill as it’s much easier without little hands grabbing everything off the shelf.  Moms, you know what I am talking about. 
I was getting slightly disappointed as the loot seemed to be a bit Eh this week & then I spotted this…
I did a casual glance as to not look too interested… you have to do the dance, otherwise someone will come along & grab it.  While glancing I saw that this bad boy was only $9… I know.  I shared it on Instagram, but before anyone could answer my #yayornay question, I scooped it up, well technically I hoisted.  This thing is heavy!
Even though there are no manufacturer markings I can almost guarantee this table originally went for no less than $250.  The quality is fantastic.  A lot of times, the less expensive ones can be a little flimsy & easy to tip over.  Not this one.
This is called a C Table & is basically a fancier version of the foldable TV Tray in my opinion.  These tables are quite functional & are great for a chaise or a sectional where tables are hard to pull up.  For our house, it is fantastic for Chloe.  It’s a place to land her milk & eat a snack since the ottoman doesn’t allow any of these.  It also makes a great space for “researching” aka magazine/catalog reading during a quiet nap time.
Just imagine it over a great new sofa in gray linen, not this brown thing.  At least that’s what I am picturing in the long run….
The best part of the table is the wood inlay top.  It’s pretty spectacular.
I’m thinking of doing a little video montage of my next thrifting trip… would ya’ll watch?!?