One of my favorite clients I have been working with via eDesign just sent me a shot of her “New” Ottomans.  I say “New” because they originally looked like this…

Functional? Yes.
Stylish? Eh.
While others may have discarded them, we knew better.  
(Luckily my client had some vision for these guys as well!)
In my crazy head, I saw this…
Tufted Ottoman
Dressed in this
& oh how lovely they are now!!!!!

Functional? Yes.

Stripes are tough with tufting (but it can be done!).  Just make sure your Upholsterer is confident about working with stripes.  My client’s first upholsterer wasn’t… But she found another one who was & I want to personally give them a big hug.  Just what I had envisioned.
We decided to pair the two ottomans together with a tray on top as the coffee table after seeing this inspiration shot.  
Double Ottomans
Love the two paired together & something that is not your typical setting.  But a perfect solution for my client’s needs.

Makes you rethink a few items in your own house doesn’t it?!?