This morning I had to re-shoot Chloe’s Canopy Bed for a secret project that I can not wait to share!!! & rather than just recreating the original shot I did months ago, I figured I’d throw in my new favorite prop.  The Disco Ball.  I love this thing…. 

It’s not going to live in the little’s room, but I couldn’t help myself from adding it into this shot.  I will try my hardest not to include it into every picture I take from now on.  But there will be a few I’m sure!
I also gave those little tables a quick makeover during the holidays.  They were a great buy I picked up when Storehouse was closing years ago & their veneer had seen better days.  Nothing a little paint wouldn’t fix.
Here is a taste of the Disco Ball at work in it’s more permanent home… 
We took our Christmas Tree down last night & had no clue it was blocking all the light from the Disco Ball.  This morning we woke up to a house filled with little flecks of light.  Chloe thought it was about the coolest thing ever (& so did I. Not gonna lie.)  
Happy Friday!