I was shocked at how many of you are all on board for white walls after my post the other day.  And the most asked question was what is your favorite white?!?  It’s hard to believe that a white paint would be so hard to find.  White is White, right?!?  Unfortunately it’s not.  As white reflects all colors, it easily takes on hues of all surrounding colors, making this hue a tricky one to master.  So if your selections look like a this… hopefully these tips will be able to help.
The first thing you need to know when going into the paint department is do you want a cool white or a warm white in your space?  
This example of a cool white space is more of what I think of as a true icy white.  Having undertones of blue & grey can literally make the room feel cold.  
In contrast, the room below is a great example of a warm white space.  Warm white is a much easier tone to live with.  It is more inviting & blends nicely with most other colors.
When designing a space I tend to lend more to the warmer side of the white spectrum for the overall wall color.  Cooler whites can then be layered into the space without making the space feel cold.
If you still can’t tell if the swatch you are looking at is cool or warm, look further down the card to the darkest or more saturated shade.  If you see any hints of blue, you’ll know your color is a cooler shade & vice a versa.
Here are a list of my Go To Whites… (in no particular order)
( If your curious… all of our white rooms are all Sherwin Williams Alabaster.  Including our trim.  )
What are your favorite whites?!?