It is finally sunny outside today, so the littles & I decided to go out & do something!  Something generally involves hitting up the local Goodwill.  You just never know what you are going to find.  & I really wasn’t expecting to find this hidden gem, otherwise known as a horrible DIY decision.

You see what I see behind that nasty “stone finish” paint?!?!  Yep, some Blue & White Wares Porcelain.  Something I have been wanting to start a little collection of.  I stared at the piece for a few minutes & then felt the urge to scratch that stuff.  It flaked right off.  I figured for $2.92 if I ruined the jar, it really wouldn’t have been worse off than it already was.  It would probably be thankful someone tried to revive it.  I mean it looks like it is covered in pepper.
I instantly came home & ran it under some hot water & that nasty paint literally started to fall off.  I did a little work with a Brillo pad to the more stubborn areas, but 10 minutes later I had this…
G O R G E O U S ! ! ! ! ! 
I had fears that once I removed the paint I would uncover some destroyed area of the urn, but no.  This beauty is in perfect condition.  Even after it’s exfoliation process.  I love it so much, that after the littles wakes up from her nap, I am dragging her back out to GW to pick up a small vase that had the same stuff on it… I am feeling pretty safe that it is still there.  This is the official start to my collection & I will always remember the story behind this crazy piece.
Oh yeah…it’s currently sitting on a new little piece of furniture.  I suppose it’s OK   I mean if you like vintage brass trunks that arrive at your home from an HGTV star.  Obviously I am being sarcastic.  I LOVE my trunk & thank you all again for helping me win it!!!  I’ll be sharing more about it’s new home later.
Happy Friday!