Our tiny bathroom (the only one I might add) has always been the one room that has had little done to it.  It is classic.  Black White & Gray.  Just the way I like it.  The only upgrade I have been wanting to accomplish was a new mirror.  The one that we inherited with the house was of the match-y set variety & we all know I am more of an eclectic type gal.  Knowing that this has been nothing THAT important, we have lived with it for 6 years….

See, not entirely offensive.  I have kept my perfect mirror dimension as a note in my ohone for years & you would be surprised how difficult it has been to find something to fit.  Until the other day at Goodwill (the same day I found those silly vases.)  I found this bad boy.  I really bought it for that bevel.  This was originally an expensive custom mirror… the info was still on the back.
While I am a fan of gold, it wasn’t really working in the space.  I pulled out my good ole Annie Sloan Pure White Chalk Paint & went to town.  Liking the contrast as I went along, I decided to keep the black insets.

Now the light fixture gets a little more breathing room.  Much better.

I also did an artwork switcheroo.  It’s amazing how a mirror & two pictures completely change a tiny space.

As I was taking these pictures, someone woke up from her nap & wanted to help…

Apparently she is taking after her mama & wants to take her camera everywhere.  Love her.