The tree is up.  The lights are on.  The Disco Ball is hung with care!! While there is no red & green in sight this year, I am fully embracing this Pink & Coral Christmas Combo.  I mentioned in my earlier post that I opted to forego tradition this year & embrace the colors from our Cozamia prints.  So happy with that choice.  These colors have added a fresh twist on our decorations.
My favorite addition is our Disco Ball Tree Topper.  We used a small teacup hook in our ceiling to hang the ball & bows.  My favorite part (besides the fact that it’s a Disco Ball) is that it takes the tree all the way up to the ceiling.  Making the room appear taller.  While I went uber traditional last year with my bow style, I decided to go for a more relaxed & simple bow this year.

Our Urn Base has been another great addition to the tree this year.  I also added in a little fur in lieu of the classic treeskirt.

I made the choice to keep all the ornaments on the tree white, clear or silver & added pops of colored ornaments throughout the rest of the room.  This way the color scheme was balanced.  Filling these cloches with ornaments instantly adds a touch of glamour.

No one is safe when it comes to decorating (you met Moe right?!?) So I added a simple ribbon & clustered some ornaments around our $14 lamp.  I am still waiting for someone to come back & say they made a mistake.

Yes we have a fake tree.  Yes we have fake wreaths…  But I do like to bring in some real branches as decoration to help bring that smell into the home.  

A few more Disco Balls surround the house, but I am still hoping that a big one shows up under the tree.  You can see a glimpse of our Cozamia Print & how the decorations enhance the colors used.

I have never been a wreath person… but I am so glad that I brought all the wreaths into the house this year.  When it’s dark out & all the overhead lights are off, the glow of the Christmas lights throughout the room just makes the space feel magical.  And our Chevron Drapes make a pretty amazing backdrop.

After all the decorating, a few new additions & all the bright colors I must admit THE BEST new addition was the Remote Control for every single twinkle light in out house.  If you son’t change your decorations this year… get the remote!
What new color combos are you using this year?!?