Gorgeous Christmas trees in urns, while not a new look, seem to have made a resurgence in the past few years.  This one below is my absolute favorite…
Canadian House & Home
I have been wanting to recreate one of these trees, but could never figure out how they made the large trees stable enough.  After looking through the web, the only tutorial I found was through eHow.  They said to fill the urn with sand or gravel & then put the tree in… That might work for a little 3′ tree, but I was not going to trust that method with a full size tree.  Bound & determined this year, we figured out a relatively easy solution for our fake tree.
What you’ll need:
Fake Christmas Tree with a hollow pole (most bottom sections are hollow) 
Wooden Dowel that is just smaller in diameter than your tree pole (ours was 4′ tall)
Concrete Urn
Quikrete Concrete
Large Bucket (to stir the concrete)
Garbage Bag
First step, find your ideal urn.  We were lucky enough to find ours on clearance at The Home Depot for $43 this past weekend.  This thing is seriously heavy.  Thank you to the gentlemen at Home Depot that helped me get it down & into the car.
Fill the urn with a standard garbage bag.  This step could be skipped, but we wanted the option to take the concrete out after the season was over.
In a large bucket, stir up your Quikrete according to the package directions using your shovel & water.
Once combined, place your wooden dowel into the urn & scoop your concrete around it.  Use a level to make sure this sucker is straight.  There will be no shifting after it’s dry.
After a few hours, once the concrete is dry, simply slide the metal pole of your tree over the wooden dowel. We ended up trimming off a few inches of the dowel to accommodate for the second tier of the tree to go on.  And actually, we only used the top two tiers of our existing tree as the original height at 9′ would not have fit with the urn.  5.5′ tall was our ideal tree height plus the urn.
To cover the garbage bag & concrete we used a little reindeer moss.
Now completely solid & standing tall, our tree is all ready to get dressed up for the Christmas season.  And when the Holidays are over we’ll simply pull the concrete lollipop out & save it until next year.  Allowing us to use the urn for Spring & Summer flowers.
On an “It’s too early to put that thing up” note… I agree.  Tradition in our home has always been that it goes up on Thanksgiving day.  But as this was a new experiment we had to try it out early.  Since it was so successful, I thought I’d share it with you all too.  So now you have plenty of time to get your materials together for the 2012 Holidays!
No ornaments will be touching our tree until Turkey Day!!