While planning our Thanksgiving table this weekend, I decided to go against my usual plan & added a few non food additions.  I tried to incorporate a few things that were important to my husband & our family.  AS well as bring in some brighter hues.  The end product resulted in a fresh take on the typical fall table setting.
I utilized an old book that I happened to have a duplicate of & destroyed it.  I tore it apart page by page (I apologize to the people that think this is a travesty.  Honestly, the book wasn’t even that good.) After laying out a table runner made of pages, I picked up each of the pages by the corner & added a little drop of glue to keep them together.
I also included an old board down the center of the table.  Last year this proved to be the best trivet for all of the hot plates.  
The flowers are placed in mismatched bud vases & a set of hot chocolate cups that belonged to my husband’s grandfather.  They even have his grandfather’s initials engraved on them… I love that.  The flowers I choose are not your standard fall variety, however they made me smile & I am thankful for that.
Incorporating some more of the book pages I created multiple origami flowers using this tutorial. They were a little time consuming, but once I found my rhythm they went much faster. 
Each place setting is topped with a book page feather.  We’ll say it’s a turkey feather.  I have loved the look of these ever since Beth posted about hers last year on her blog Home Stories A to Z.  Not having any pipe cleaners on hand, I simply used paper straws I picked up a few weeks ago.
While definitely non traditional, the classic elements paired with punches of colors & the unexpected leave our table something to be thankful for.