Save the Date {a DIY Globe Update}

DIY Globe projects are everywhere these days & there was one idea I have been wanting to try for two years now… all I needed was the globe.  Obviously the timing was never right.  The globes I have been finding were too small or too pricey.  Finally a few weeks ago I found one at our local Goodwill for $2.98.  SOLD!  If my idea didn’t work, I’d only be out a few bucks.
I decided I wanted to commemorate our daughter’s mark on this world & make it literal.  After priming & painting the globe in basic latex paint (spray paint would have been easier, but the colors weren’t right) I sketched her name & birth date onto the globe using this text as my guide.  (I freehanded mine, but there are numeros transfer techniques out there that would allow you to be more precise.)
I wanted it to be thin & wispy like the font above, however my first attempt using a paint brush added some extra bulk to my letters.
I ended up using good old paint pens to complete this project.  Black was used for the main areas with little highlights of gold added at the end.
***Paint Pen Tip:  I have found that the best way to get an even flow out of these pens is to hold them perpendicular to the surface you are writing on, not at an angle like you would normally write.***
I also added a little gold Rub’N’Buff to the stand…
This could be used to celebrate any important dates that have been made on the world.  Births, Marriages, Graduations… This may have just become my go to Baby Shower Gift, if I can find the globes!