I feel it is very important to have a bit of fun when designing your home, something that you look at it & it just makes you smile.  Something out of the ordinary that no one on your street would have.  I now know what this needs to be in our home.  
vintage disco ball
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Yes Ladies & Gentlemen, this girl is asking Santa for a Disco Ball.  
While self admittedly a magpie, it’s sparkly nature should have had me at Hello, but I was not a taker.  I, like the majority of the public felt that the Disco Ball should only make appearances at parties with bad Karaoke & lots of courage inspiring beverages.  No more faithful readers.  No more.  The Disco Ball adds a little something that no other accessory can accomplish & my favorite uses require no hanging. 
Juxtaposed against the rough natural elements, the shiny orb adds a touch of glamour that would elevate any interior.
disco ball
disco ball
Tucking them into fireplaces instantly draws you in to the space.
disco ball.
The Aestate
Add some interest to a stair landing.
Grouping multiple sizes near a window creates an ever changing pattern to an otherwise run of the mill nook.
disco ball
Again, simply nestled in.
Running in Stilettos
Bookshelf sparkler.
I recently bought a small 8″ diameter Disco Ball for our Christmas Tree.  As I mentioned the other day, no decorations will see our tree until Thanksgiving.  So until then I have been placing this little ball everywhere.  My favorite spot so far is tucked into our new built ins.  Even the hubs is on board for Disco Decor.
Would you ever?!?