DIY Santa Plate & a Pinterest Fail

We’ve all been there… you are casually perusing the mind numbing images & ideas on Pinterest when you stumble across a pin that looks too good to be true.  Which probably started with a real image that someone added their own tag line to.  (I kinda hate that part…but yes, I do it too.)  & you are suckered into trying it…  
Well that was me this time.  I went into this project knowing it may or may not work after reading completely opposite comments of how “This Worked for ME!” & “This was an Epic Fail!”… I had to try it for myself.
I had wanted to create a new Santa Plate & Mug set for our family to put out Christmas Eve.  The store bought ones are cute, but usually that is my problem.  They are “cute.”  Red & Green with cartoony images… not really our jam (well mine).  So I decided to give the “Write on any plate with a Sharpie & it will be Permanent!!” ploy.
I used an extra plate/platter we had & went to good ole Target for a mug.  I picked up some new Sharpie’s & got to work….  Once I was done, I put my new Santa Set into a cool oven & baked them for 30 minutes at 350 degrees once the oven was preheated.  I then let them cool completely in the oven before touching them.
I waited 24 hours to touch the ink… & it rubbed right off when I did.  Well, kind of expecting that to happen I was less bummed, but still.  Back to the internet & subsequently craft store I went.  This time I was in search of a Porcelain Pen… sold out!  Back up option (& still risky) an Oil Based Sharpie.  Legend has it, this will work.  Ha… I’ll believe it when I see it.
Back to the drawing board, literally.  I drew & I drew & finally when I was done I waited 24 hours before baking the plates.  (I read someone’s comment somewhere to do that…) Then I repeated the baking process… Again.  
This time, I must admit, they are much more permanent but still not something I would scrub or ever put in the dishwasher… But I figure for a Plate & a Mug that come out once a year… this might work.
Wanting to have a little fun with the design, our mug both says “Naughty” & “Nice” depending on the side you hold.
Obviously, I would not suggest eating a full meal off of the plate, nor putting your design anywhere near the mouth of the mug as the Sharpie’s are not food safe.  But again… a few cookies on the non written side should be fine once a year.
I’ll be sure to let you know how they stand up to Santa & the Reindeer…
Have any of you been suckered into a Pin lately?!?  I can’t be the only one πŸ™‚
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