I too have been sucked in to the allure of the mysterious painted plastic animal toy phenomenon.  All the images & projects circling around the blog world & Pinterest have suckered me into the peer pressure to create my own gilded animal project.  (I have to admit, these suckers are pretty darn cute.)
This was a very simple project & would be fun to include the kiddos on.  Since Chloe is still a little young for serious arts & crafts, she aided by selecting the toy at Michaels.  She choose a giant giraffe she has named “the Chloe Giraffe”… Obviously.  I also let her pick out the color for the base. Pink… Obviously.
We spray painted an inexpensive wood box from Michaels pink & then used Gold Rub’n’Buff for “the Chloe Giraffe” & the top of the box.  A little super glue on her newly gilded feet & she was stuck.  Now the littles has a fancy place to store all of her treasures.
I figure for less than $12, we can jump on board for this trend.  Have you jumped on any crazy trends lately?