Last week I was so inspired by Caroline from Home Depot’s The Apron blog that I literally read her tutorial & made my own the same night.  Isn’t this painted Metallic Zebra Rug crazy amazing?!? 

A DIY Zebra Print Rug in Metallic Gold

And the best part… Caroline walks you through each step making this a relatively quick & easy project.  The overall project entails cutting out a large drop cloth, painting the drop cloth white & then creating your zebra stripes with a pencil & filling them in with paint.  I will say the stripes do require a bit of artistic ability… but much like a snowflake, no two zebras are alike.  So take your creative license and paint away!

Of course, I had to switch mine up a bit and I was shocked by the results.  Instead of the Gold (which the Hubs says he is so over btw… really?!?) I used the Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic Paint by Rustoleum.

I was fully expecting it to have a metallic sheen… I knew I was painting a drop cloth people.  I wasn’t trying to duplicate the real thing.  If it was going to be “faux” I was fully prepared to let the metallic stand out!  But on my drop cloth, there was little to no metallic & the rug itself ended up looking way more real (I think) than the original goal.

This was my inspiration for the pattern… (which if anyone is looking for a Christmas or 30th Birthday idea… ahem… who needs jewelry, right?)

Sorry for the iPhone shot… it was late & I was too lazy to set up a “shot”.

We placed it under our Dining Room table once it was dry.  And to keep the edges from rolling, I used Gaffer’s Tape which is a super sticky fabric tape that will not leave a sticky residue once removed.  

Here is another bad shot… I’d love to show you the room view but as you can tell from the presents there is a whole lot of Christmas going on in here for The Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge.
More pics to come…  Sorry to be such a tease.
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xo- K