Thanks for all the Get Well notes the other day.  I think the dreaded plague is on it’s way out & I am finally starting to feel human again.  
While doped up on cold meds I wasn’t in the best frame of mind to take on important things like clients space planning (where lots of measurements are involved) or operating any tools for some big DIY project.  All I was good for was Pinning & then, subsequently, literally pinning.  I came across this lovely image while on Pinterest & thought I could totally do that!
Love the painted side table.
Oomph Tini Table IV $395
No not the table (which is killer!), remember we aren’t operating heavy machinery.  The nailhead ball or decorative ob’jet (object obviously said in a French accent to make it sound more expensive.)
I had everything on hand & season premieres galore to watch while doing the project.  All it takes is a styrofoam ball & some nailheads…Ok…  A lot of nailheads.
Plus, it only took about 30 minutes to complete.
I might just have to make a few more…
Sidebar: Notice the leather top table?  It’s a standard enough piece that was passed down to us from the hub’s father.  For it’s age it is in pretty good condition.  What’s not in pretty good condition?  It’s ugly cousin we found on the side of the road last week.
The shape is great, the bottom half is great… this top, not so much.  I have quite the transformation in mind for this beauty!  Stay tuned…