While painting the back of our new built ins a very dark navy (almost black) I got lazy.  Instead of taking the time to go out & get the ladder, I grabbed the nearest object I could find to stand on… one of our light blue, linen dining chairs.  No problem right?!?  Not until I spilled a drop of paint right down the center of the inside back of the chair.  Yep.  I gasped too… I didn’t know whether to cry, curse, freak.  I tried washing it out {insert universe laughing at me here} to no avail.  Our chair no longer looked like this…
I knew I had to reupholster the back of the chair & I knew there was no way I would find that linen again.  I took this as my opportunity to incorporate some pattern into our new Dining Room/Study.  I went down to Lewis & Sheron & grabbed a yard of a brand new bolt of fabric, that hadn’t even been hung up yet.  So new, they don’t even have the colorway on their website.  Here is the pattern in a yummy citron yellow… ours is aqua.
Akiran via Lewis & Sheron

It is a geometric, heavy weight chenille.  Something that will definitely hold up on the inside of the chair.  The best part was the aqua blue color they had in store blended perfectly with our existing linen seat & outside back.
I came home & pulled out all of the nailheads (on our four side chairs) surrounding the inside back.  Cut my fabric to size & simply stapled the new fabric into place.  Two hours later… after attaching the fabric & adding the nailheads back, we had some brand new chairs.
I think the hubs said they were “Snappy!” Since the dreaded dribble happened on one of the four side chairs I only reupholstered those.  I thought leaving the two arm chairs with the existing linen gave a nice contrast & broke up the set.
While this was not a project we had planned on, I think it just added a great new layer into our room.  
Happy Monday!
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