What started as the discussion to add a single narrow shelf in our dining room, turned into this… & boy am I happy it did!  With some careful planning, some wrong cuts & lots of caulk we were able to build this wrap around library all by ourselves.  
When it came to styling, I went with more of a library feel (as I had more books than things to use) of course this is something that can evolve over time.  We also incorporated a larger shelf in the middle of each tower to act as our bar storage.  
This room now feels like the center of the home, well it technically is the center of the home.  In terms of design/decorating it brings the whole home together.  The color palette (thanks mostly to books & accessories) helps tie each room together, not just feeling like another room, but a continuation of space.  I feel like this is an important factor when decorating, especially in a small space.
I shared earlier our favorite tools that were used to build this bad boy!  I highly recommend that every DIY enthusiast have item number 2 in their arsenal!  I have used it four times since we built these.

We have officially had family dinner in the room twice now (rather than on our coffee table like usual) & plan to make it a regular event.  The littles even requested we eat in there last night.