Bye Bye Louvered Doors! Hello Paneled!!

Since we were tackling the rest of the dining room, we went ahead and fixed something that has bothered us from the day we moved in.  These lovely bi fold louvered doors (that the hubs promptly pulled slats out of as soon as we decided to tackle this)…  They served their purpose.  They hid our washer & dryer & all that goes with that, but they were the el cheapo special, poorly installed & crazy hard to keep clean.  With just a few simple steps, some power tools & paint you too can rid your self of these as well!
  1. With a Jig Saw, cut through the louvers in each panel.  The louvers will then fall out leaving you with something that looks like image number 2.
  2. Don’t worry about these slots, they will all be covered up.
  3. Select a panel moulding & cut to size for each panel.  Line up your moulding so that the edge covers the previous slat openings.  (We used our nailgun to attach the moulding.)
  4. Flip the door around & attach flat panels cut to size within each of your new panels.  We used 8 pieces of particle board.
  5. Prime, Paint (we used a High Gloss Black for added drama) & Reinstall!
We added some old Anthro knobs we had lying around from a previous project to dress up the look a bit more…

& wouldn’t you know, the same knobs are in House of Fifty’s latest issue!
Mayme Baker

So loving our new accent doors & also loving the fact that the dining room is 99% DONE!!!

Ready for another sneak peek?!? It may just be my favorite project ever.  More on that this week!
Hope you all are having a fabulous Monday!
xo- K