A Few of our Favorite Tools…

So… we were derailed this week with some major plumbing issues.  While we were supposed to be finished with the shelves & a few other projects, we were unpleasantly dealing with sewage backing up into our house.  Not so fun.  But luckily all is back in working order thanks to some amazing city workers!!!
Since the weather has not been cooperating either, I thought I would go ahead & share some of our favorite tools we used to complete our professional looking built ins on our own.  I will say that this would not be a beginners list of necessary DIY tools… but there are a few of my favorites that I do consider my go to’s.

This is a serious saw that needs serious caution when using, but once you get comfortable with it this bad boy can make life so much easier!  We used this to make all of our straight cuts for the shelves & all of the base & crown moulding.  At $299 this is an investment tool.  
No. 2 : Rigid JobMax
My new favorite, go to, gotta have tool.  If you dabble in anything DIY this is a must!  It is a great little saw, scraper, sander with a multitude of multiple other attachment heads.  We used this tool to cut out existing moulding & sand wood filler.  
Another new toy tool that made this install so much easier.  The brad nailer hooks up to our air compressor & shoots the nails into the wood/wall.  What would have taken us an hour took 15 minutes.  Love this!
If you are not familiar with caulk, this might just change your world.  We used the caulk to fill in all the gaps surrounding our entire built in.  Around each shelf, where it butts against the wall & where it meets the door frame.  It takes a little practice to use, but if you have a cup of water & a rag your project can go from amateur to professional in an hour.
My favorite paint.  If you are painting any trim work, cabinetry, doors… this is the stuff!  It goes on smooth, with little to no brush marks.  It has great durability & the best part, a little goes a long way.  I have painted our kitchen cabinets, our hutch, & our built in shelves all with one gallon (& I still have a quarter of a gallon left.)
No. 6 : Purdy Brush
I suppose any paint brush will do… but I love my Purdy Brush.
No. 7 : Frog Tape
This painter’s tape will make sure all your lines come out crisp!
**NOTE: This was not a sponsored post.  These are the honest opinions of what we used to complete our project.**
Happy Saturday!