While I LOVE Pinterest, I am a tad old fashioned with my work & still like to pin or clip up inspirations for clients or projects I am working on.  So while we were creating my little work space we found the perfect spot for my pin board.
We have an odd kitchen.  With “”custom” cabinetry from who knows when.  I say “custom” because it looks like they were made by someone’s brother’s friend if you get my drift.  Definitely not out of the box!  We have this large end unit that houses our microwave.  Yeah… that thing…
It returns into the wall right next to a window & right behind my desk.  Perfect!
I purchased a tall narrow cork board from Hobby Lobby for around $8 (with my coupon).  I came home & painted it the same color as the cabinetry.  I also added some black nailheads around the perimeter for some interest.  Once that was complete I framed it out… (you can see we haven’t fixed that pesky cabinet door yet.)
I was so proud.  This was my first time using the miter saw all by myself.  The cuts were perfect πŸ™‚  I attached the frame to the cabinet by drilling a small pilot hole & sinking in some nails.  I later filled these with some wood putty, sanded & painted the entire frame.
Then the littles came out & started reaching up to touch the new thing in our kitchen… I started to rethink the cork board & pins with little curious two year old fingers & toes & mouth… Enter Bulldog Clips here.
I hot glued some clips onto my board (I almost like this idea better.  No holes in all of my samples.)  The hot glue sticks really well to the cork board because it is porous.
I also added some nailheads at the corners to finish the look.
Do you use a pin board in real life?