As I have said before we have a teeny modest home.  So a lot of our rooms have to play double duty.  Our kitchen has officially become Kitchen/Office… which may not be ideal, but it works for now.  Slowly but surely my little blogging/designing corner is becoming more & more functional thanks to a few new additions.
This is what the space looked like originally… not so functional.  (don’t worry, the Coke Machine is being safely guarded until we move into a bigger home.)
Once we decided to incorporate a work area into the kitchen we built our desk (tutorial here) with the intention of building a hutch for extra storage of some of our crystal & china.  Something like this…
I completely believe everything happens for a reason because we procrastinated forever on this project.  Months past & then we found this on the side of the road…

It was the EXACT dimensions we were planning on building!!!!  So after removing some doors, the base, replacing a few of the glass panels & adding a few coats of paint we finally have our hutch!

Now we are able to display most of our crystal & china while also incorporating a few storage solutions for my work items.  Like I said… double duty.
I also antiqued the original mirror on the hutch using this tutorial from Mandy over at Vintage Revival.  This project involves some serious chemicals.. so I wasn’t as brave as Mandy to attempt a tutorial.  I was too afraid to take my gloves off to take pictures!
Tomorrow I will share the story of my new to me Vintage Rattan Chair & how to add your own drop in seat.