This project came about from the death of another DIY.  When we originally planned to build our hutch, the design intent was to have a lovely stenciled back panel.  While the hutch went unbuilt, the back panel had been meticulously stenciled & was ready to go.  I was so proud of my first stenciling attempt.  
When we found our now finished hutch on the side of the road, we decided to keep the mirror back.  Therefore, this sad piece of plywood remained.  Just leaning in the corner of our small kitchen.  I couldn’t let all my stenciling go to waste…. I had planned a tutorial & everything.  
Luckily, I had stenciled onto a drop cloth & then wrapped the plywood.  So I just pulled the cloth off & had the hubs assemble our Cornice out of the original plywood & wood scraps.  It didn’t have to look too pretty as it would be covered with my lovely stenciled fabric.  (The hubs is getting really quick with a jigsaw!!)

I then laid out my fabric, centered my pattern & started stapling.

I used a lot of the same techniques as I did with our headboard tutorial { seen here }.  & yes… I realize this cornice board is virtually our headboard in reverse.  Pattern, color, shape & all.  Not intentional, but I guess that means I really like it.  At least that’s what I’m going with.
Once all my staples were in, I realized that the interior side panels would be visible once it was hung so I got to thinking…  I grabbed an extra scrap of fabric (not having to worry about matching any patterns) placed it face down & stapled into the inside corner.

I then pulled it up neatly & stapled it into the edge that would be against the wall.  Problem solved.

Nice & Neat.

My favorite part is that the cornice board becomes a frame of sorts to showcase my favorite pendant.
While not the original plan, I feel like this was the inevitable fate of my first stenciled attempt.  It just seems right.