Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse is a frequent sound in our home.  The Littles loves her some Mickey.  So when it came time to celebrate her 2nd Birthday there was no question how we had to celebrate.  Not wanting to go the standard store bought route (nothing wrong with that) I went polka dot crazy & created a fun themed birthday with some character (& characters).
It all started with an emailed invite I created… It is less personal, but seems to be more effective with getting RSVP’s, plus it’s free.  The invitation definitely set the tone for the party…
When decorating for a party I find that grouping themed items create more of an impact rather than spreading them throughout your space.  I choose to take over our (yet to be revealed) hutch & make that Mickey & Minnie Central!  I removed all of our china & crystal & replaced it with lollipops & hot dogs ๐Ÿ™‚

I mixed some homemade pinwheels with store bought to give it a more personal touch.  I followed this tutorial when creating my own, although I used long sheets of wrapping paper.  I grouped them the way that I wanted & glued them to a poster board to make the arrangement one piece.
“We’ve got Ears. Say CHEERS!” Incorporating some Ears are a must for any Mickey/Minnie Party.  I painted some Party Hats black.  Can nobody sell plain hats?!?  Than I hot glued on some glitter paper ears & of course the classic polka dot bows.  
Our Menu was themed as well…
  • Hot Diggity Dogs
  • Oh Toodle’s Noodles (Pasta Salad)
  • Popcorny Popcorn
  • Banana Puddin’ (That’s what Mickey & the gang say when they get their picture taken… didn’t you know that?… Plus, I am kinda famous for mine.)
  • Minnie Moo Muffins (Cupcakes)

To dress up the “Hot Diggity Dogs”, we wrapped them in parchment & finished them off with a little washi tape.
Our Banana Puddin’ got all dressed up for the occasion with a bow.
Our Minnie Moo Muffins were simple!!!!  Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercreme topped with two mini Oreos & finished off with a bow made from…. Fruit by the Foot… Yes, that stuff you used to eat in elementary school.
Our Lemonade was served in our Minnie Dispenser.  The Hubs came home with this weird plastic orb dispenser a while ago… Not very glamorous.  I never really knew what to do with it… but for some reason I thought Minnie!  I glued some ears & bows & wouldn’t you know, it was pretty cute!
Our cake came from Miss Mamie’s Cupcakes (Cupcake Wars Winner People!!)  Not only was it absolutely adorable, but I think it tasted even better.  Red Velvet seemed appropriate.
Ears just seemed to Minnie-fy everything.  Simple Red & White Lollipops were transformed with their new accessories.
& Tasty too ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Yes, that is the Littles new Minnie Mobile!!!  She calls it her “Minnie Bow-bile” still appropriate.  Isn’t it adorable!!!  My mom & her friend made it from a yard sale Cozy Coupe.  It was spray painted, polka dotted & adorned with… of course… EARS!  I mean…  Don’t you just love it?!?  I know someone that does…
***Update: I wish I knew more about the Ears & Bow… all I know is that the ears were cut from 3/4″ scrap rubber.  They were screwed into the car on the underside of the roof.  The bow is constructed from a piece of plexi glass that was painted.  This was attached to the ears with a high adhesion waterproof glue.
Last but not least was her Vintage Inspired Mickey Mouse Romper… with the Ruffle Butt!  I am a sucker for a ruffled butt.  Michelle from All About the Glam (a super cute Etsy shop) whipped up this little number.  The  Littles was so excited to wear her “Birfday Romper.”
I can’t believe she’s Two… but we all had fun celebrating.
Now that the party is done, I can get back to my regular projects.  We’ve been busy! 
Update:  After three years, we finally made it to Disney to meet Mickey & Minnie!  You can read about my tips & tricks about visiting Disney World here