We were very bust this weekend… hopefully I will be able to share what all of our efforts were for soon.  But here is a little makeover our striped hallway got this weekend.  For my Facebook & Twitter followers you saw my latest random find… a Pepto Pink Bamboo Ladder.  Originally $125 on clearance for $20!  

I’m thinking the color had something to do with that.  While it looked cute… pink wasn’t going to work in our hallway.  A quick coat of black spray paint & it was ready.  It is perfect for holding our extra towels right next to our bathroom.

Our boob light finally got replaced as well!  On our crazy Goodwill trip last week we also picked up a big ole brass chandelier that also got a coat of black.
Better right?  See I don’t keep everything brass!  Also, here is a little tip: If you have a more traditional fixture adding the round bulbs or even adding Edison bulbs instead of the traditional tapers will give your fixture a more eclectic look.