Last month I shared my love for all things skirted. { Post Here } Wanting to add this look somewhere into our home, there was no better candidate than our media unit/console/puzzle/shin buster. (Can you tell how much I loved it!)
It was a Crate & Barrel purchase years ago… it has served it’s purpose.  This piece slides together, so we took out the center shin buster drawer unit & successfully added it under Chloe’s Canopy Bed.  Yay for extra storage!!  
Needing a more durable top than a piece of fabric, we decided to place a piece of MDF, cut to size, stretching over the length of the unit that the fabric would be attached to.  I painted this with some leftover Rustoleum Gloss Black Door Paint.  It’s oil based.  It’s Stinky!  But it’s oh so glossy & durable. 
The skirt panels were all made from one panel of Ikea’s Merete curtains.  I “hemmed” them using a hem tape as the sewing machine seems to be hating me right now.  I didn’t get pictures of this part (bad blogger!).  But I was mostly following Jenny’s Tutorial over at Little Green Notebook.  Here is a tip though… I measured the length from the floor to the underside of the new top, marked that on each panel & ironed a crease at that point.  This way, when I was stapling the panels to the MDF I simply lined up the creases with the edge of the board to maintain my correct lengths.
Final step.  The grosgrain ribbon trim.  This probably should have been done in the seperate panel stage, but what can I say I’m impatient a rebel! I used a fast grab fabric glue which has a, well, fast grab.  Meaning it will hold the ribbon while the glue is still wet. 
 Another tip… use one continuous length of ribbon for each panel if possible.   
Much better right?!?!  No more cords, ugly equipment, giant subwoofer.  All is tucked away.  Plus the great thing is, the remote still works for all of the equipment.